In June 2013, Krosinski Enterprises Ltd. created a new subsidiary Medical Marijuana operation under the Agracan brand. Agracan is an active participant in North America's emerging medical marijuana industry.

We didn't just wake up one morning and decide that we would go into the marijuana business. What we have done is we expanded our offering via this new subsidiary to continue what we have been doing all along; sales,brokerage and distribution. Despite what you read in the media we don’t consider this a green rush and a chance to make a quick buck. We've been around far too long to be that short sighted. Instead we look at this period as an opportunity to create a sustainable, well rounded, Medical Marijuana industry.

Agracan is committed to create a sustainable, responsible and inclusive Medical Marijuana supply chain for our retail and business clients.

Consistent and fair pricing, pharmaceutical grade quality control, unmatched product selection are central to our success.

We feel that corporate culture can be cultured, and that business is not about making money, business is not about making deals, business is about solving problems with and on behalf of our clients and partners. You involvement with our company helps shape the nature of the industry, your comments, advice and criticism are incredibly valuable to us and our partners.

We are currently in the construction phase of our 3 acre greenhouse facility in Palmerston, Ontario.