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Strength in Diversity

complementary mix of industry experience
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Current industry focus


In June 2013, Krosinski Enterprises Ltd. created a new subsidiary Medical Marijuana operation under the Agracan brand. Agracan is an active participant in North America’s emerging medical marijuana industry.

Our industry exposure is two fold: Cannabis cultivation, and cannabis accessory wholesale. 


Trophy Asset Development Projects

In partnership with some of the most respected operators and development consortiums in Europe and North America, we’ve carved our own specialized market niche.

We’ve become what some call the “deal makers.”

Through a carefully cultivated network of relationships, we’re able to breathe life into trophy real estate projects that to many may have seemed like simply the musings of dreamers.

From Our CEO

Business Is NOT About Money

“After 20+ years in the thick of things, I’ve come to realize that business is not about money but about solving problems. 

This is the underlying philosophy I’ve strived to instil into our organization.

Simple solutions to complex problems, timely answers to difficult questions.

This shift away from a money-focused approach to business has allowed us to become a valued asset to our partners.”

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