Our current focus is on Cannabis and Cannabis accessory distribution.

We're actively evaluating product offers which we selectively present to our retail partners. 

Cannabis Cultivators

If you're a licensed cannabis producer in your jurisdiction and your local laws permit export we'd be happy to discuss our available channels for your products.

Cannabis Accessory Manufacturers


It's difficult to get face time with retailers. We're here to make it easier for you. We will evaluate your product based on our retail partner needs and if there is a fit

we will add it to our current offering and present it to retail decision makers. If your product is chosen we have various models of fulfillment including our own local warehousing and shipping solution.

As we moved into the medical marijuana market, it soon became apparent that Canadian regulatory processes required significant capital and time investment.

To mitigate "dead time" during file reviews we launched a Cannabis accessory e-tail operation. Under the Agracan brand we have become one of Canada's highest volume vaporizer retailers on platforms such as eBay, NewEgg and customer direct Agracan.ca and Agracan.com.

We only stock product that we source directly from manufacturers, we do not carry re-branded items and we only carry items that carry a solid value proposition for our customers. 

As legitimate retail partners open their doors, we are slowly shifting our focus from customer direct to a distribution/wholesale to retailer model. 

You have to stick with what you're good at, right? This is exactly the philosophy behind our product and service procurement solution.

Emerging from our own need for new sources of products, we approach your needs as if they were our own. We contact service and product providers from all over the world keeping in mind security, deliverability, and your bottom line.

We can help if:

  • Bids are not present for your open tenders
  • Bids do not satisfy your requirements (price, delivery times, quality etc.)
  • Insufficient number of bids
  • New contractors are sought (repeat bids from same contractors are not desired)
  • Only 1 contractor is believed to exist, we search for more

Specializing in commercial and luxury dwelling contracting, VelArt Construction struggled to stand apart from ever increasing competition. We utilized our extensive fixture manufacturers network and brought new and innovative products to the options portfolio for VelArt's clients. Our intervention increased VelArt's referral business by 35% making them one of the most sought after and price competitive contractors in the Greater Toronto Area.

One of our principals is a current and licensed real estate sales representative that can assist in public and private real estate transactions for resident and foreign investors.

We hold the ethical conduct of real estate business in very high regard and subscribe to CREA, RECO, and TREB codes of conduct.

Whether you're looking for a residential property or business premises, due to the structure of Krosinski Enterprises Ltd. and our corporate real estate affiliates, we look at the big picture in every transaction.

We believe that in business there is no room for "yes men", we give you honest market derived advice.